Internet Identity

If you're familiar with the Internet Computer, chances are you've already created an Internet Identity.

NFID is built on top of Internet Identity and because of this, it's very easy to upgrade your existing Internet Identity with:

  • A unified view of all your Internet Computer assets
  • Support to buy, sell, and share NFTs across your wallets
  • Mobile phone verification to privately prove to applications you're a unique user

Upgrade an existing Internet Identity to NFID

When you connect your existing Internet Identity with NFID, your NFID profile will display NFTs and other tokens everywhere you've been using your Internet Identity even if the app doesn't support signing in with NFID.

There are two ways to link your existing Internet Identity with NFID so that you can sign in to applications with the same accounts whether you use NFID or Internet Identity:

  • Connect with a code
  • Connect with a recovery phrase

Connect with a code

After entering your anchor number, clicking the "Connect" button, and completing the biometric prompt, you'll see instructions to enter registration mode with your Internet Identity in a separate browser window.

Once you've entered registration mode for your Internet Identity, your NFID window will display a code that you'll verify the connection with.

Connect with a recovery phrase

If you choose to connect with a recovery phrase, you can simply use your Internet Identity recovery phrase in this window. Make sure to check the URL of this window is a secure session with the domain.

Create an NFID with Internet Identity as a new anchor

Each Internet Identity is identified by an anchor number, as is each NFID. If you don't want to manage the same anchor with NFID, you can create NFID as a new anchor by signing in with Internet Identity as you would any other dapp. Keep in mind:

  • You will not be able to sign in to your existing accounts on other dapps with NFID, you will have to use Internet Identity
  • You will not be able to see all your tokens and NFTs across all your dapps from your NFID profile
  • You will not be able to share data you've created with your Internet Identity through NFID

Adding a biometric or security device

In either of the above two cases, you'll have the option to create a passkey for faster authentication if the device you're using has a biometric unlock.

Apple writes about passkeys that they're "a replacement for passwords that are designed to provide websites and apps a passwordless sign-in experience that is both more convenient and more secure".

We encourage NFID be used with passkeys, since they offer incredibly strong security and convenience for you.

The biometric prompts that appear will be different depending on the device you're on (desktop, tablet, or mobile) and the browser you're using (Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Edge, or Brave).

Don't have devices with biometric unlocks?

If your device doesn't have the biometric unlock feature, you'll be offered to register a security key. We recommend you set one up as one way to recover your NFID.

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