What is NFID Wallet?

NFID Wallet is a self-custodial identity provider and key management protocol that makes it easy for anyone to make and use ICP accounts.

What is NFID Embed?

The @nfid/embed (opens in a new tab) npm package is a JavaScript SDK that easily integrates NFID's Client Authentication Protocol for user authentication, registration, and transaction signatures.

NFID Embed package will be replaced by NFID Identity Kit once that package is released.

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What is NFID Identity Kit?

NFID Identity Kit is a set of libraries and tools for integrating standard-conformed ICP wallets into decentralised applications on the Internet Computer. Developers will be able to easily select which wallets they want to support in their dApps for authentication, signatures, and transfers.

Currently-planned ICP wallets included in NFID Identity Kit:

  • NFID Wallet
  • Internet Identity
  • Plug Wallet

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