Limit user accounts

By default, NFID allows users to create up to 5 accounts with your application.

If you'd like to change that number, simply reach out to [email protected] with the following:


Request to restrict number of NFID accounts with my application


My application's derivation origin is: {derivationOrigin}
The amount of accounts I'd like to limit each NFID to is: {accountLimit}

derivationOrigin is the originating domain that the principal ID is derived from. accountLimit is a number between 1 and 5 inclusive. Your users will see two different screens depending on if you limit the number of accounts each NFID can create to 1 or more than 1.

Once we set up the configuration, we'll respond with love that you're all set!

Of course this process will be self-serve in the future, as will be all other features given that NFID will be a tokenized protocol, but we have limited resources and wanted to get this out to you as quickly as possible.

Users with NFID

When a new user comes to your application on a device that has already registered with NFID, users have a much more streamlined experience.

As the application developer, you can configure how many accounts each NFID can create with you. If you allow just one, users will see the screen below when they click on Sign in with NFID on your site.

If you allow more than one, users will need to unlock their NFID first and select the account with which they want to continue.

Once an account is selected, you will receive the delegate identity with its principal ID.

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