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Internet Computer

The Internet Computer was chosen as the base layer for NFID because its smart contracts (which the DFINITY Foundation has named canisters) are the most powerful on the internet today. The protocol is so strong that explaining NFID in this documentation relies on explaining how the Internet Computer works, which is why we included the protocol's specification documents in previous sections.

Internet Computer Smart Contracts (Canisters)

  • Can issue delegation chains from passkey signatures, which is the fundamental innovation for secure authentication.
  • Can directly interface with HTTPS endpoints, which NFID uses when interfacing with web2 servers.
  • Can hold secrets, which NFID relies on to store encrypted data.
  • Are extremely fast (2-second update calls where consensus is required, 200ms query calls where consensus is not required), which NFID relies on for consumer-grade UX.
  • Can store GBs of data, which NFID will utilize in the future.
  • Can directly interface with the Bitcoin (and soon Ethereum) networks and smart contracts.

We're including a list of helpful resources if you're unfamiliar with the Internet Computer and want to learn more: