Prove your humanity

Ever wonder why every application individually asks you to submit your phone number and verify it with a code they send? It's because you don't have a wallet you could store a verified phone number credential in! Well, now you do.

Prove your humanity to an application

Applications will want to know you have a verified phone number for a variety of reasons, but primarily they want to know you're a human being who hasn't yet created an account with them before. Since you likely only have one mobile number you pay for, sharing proof of this credential ends up being a low-effort way for applications to reasonably make that assumption.

NOTE: Sharing your credential DOES NOT share your phone number. What's shared is a "zero-knowledge proof".

If you haven't already verified your phone number, you'll see a screen like this when an application requests your credential:

Verify your mobile in advance

If you want, you can verify your phone number now from the credentials screen in your NFID profile.

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