Sign in your way

Wallets usually require a user write their recovery phrase and keep it safe somewhere, but the reality is that this is too big a responsibility that technology should be capable of assisting with. Now it can with NFID.

There are many ways to create your NFID, but ultimately you should think of it in terms of "local" and "non-local" authentication. You can read more about the difference here.

The magic of NFID is that, unlike every other wallet, there can be a number of different ways to authenticate to your NFID once you already have one.

Consider the flow when you register an NFID with Google and are prompted to trust the device you're on. Once you add that device, you're able to sign in next time with just its biometric unlock or with your Google account. All of a sudden, there are two ways to authenticate yourself to your NFID!

You can have many different ways to authenticate to your NFID, and Identity Labs will continue adding more and easier ways to sign yourself in over time.

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