Create Vault

Creating a new NFID Vault

An NFID Vault is like owning your own bank with as many bank accounts as you want, and deciding the conditions under which transactions can be approved.

Create a new NFID Vault simply by tapping "Add Vault" on desktop or "+" button on mobile to name and describe the purpose for your vault.

What's in a Vault?

Vaults consist of four primary objects:

  • Wallets are the addresses that store your digital assets, like bank accounts
  • Members are the people you trust to approve transactions from any of the Vault's wallets
  • Policies are the conditions you set for how transactions are approved
  • Transactions are the actual outputs that could have three states: pending, approved, or rejected

Once you've created an NFID Vault or been included as an approver to one, click on the Vault to see more information.

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